Music Arrangement (Song Orchestration)

Music Arrangement (Song Orchestration)
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Compatible file extensions to upload: wav, mp3


Music Arrangement (Song Orchestration)

We will arrange the music for your composition and mix the track. This backing music arrangement of a song will comprise of a prelude, interludes and an ending, played on a variety of instruments.


  • Upload Song :- Upload the Composition (Melody) or tune of the song played on piano in Mp3 / Wav Format.
  • Genre :- The type or basic categorization of a song based on the mood, style and type of instruments used like - Western, Classical, Ghazal, Sufi, Children Song, Love Song, Album, Bhajan, Patriotic, Dance no, Item no, devotionals, etc .
  • Singing Proficiency – Professional, Semi professional or amateur. (The difficulty level of singing along with the track would be according to your Singing Proficiency)
  • We will deliver you the Tracks as separate Stems (in 24 Bit 48000 samples session format as Wav File) and Mixed Track in mp3 and Wav format via Email within 10 days.

Special Instructions from customer : – Plz Specify

  1. Special Effects if any and where to be used.
  2. Specific tune (if any) for the prelude or interludes
  3. Beat/Measure/Tempo/Pitch/Scale/Meter.
  4. Length of the song (Time Duration).
  5. Specific instrument if any – Where to be used and how prominent.

Note :-

(i) Specification of these details is mandatory, otherwise we will expect you to accept the arrangement the way we prepare it, and extra modifications would be chargeable.

(ii) If you require Demo vocals sung by a singer, the charges would be extra.

(iii) 1 modification will be free based on customer feedback and suggestions (extra modifications after the first would be chargeable)

(iv) No live instruments will be used on the arrangement

(v) Mixing and Mastering with the Original Vocal Track will be charged separately.

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Product Name Music Arrangement (Song Orchestration)
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